the BioCentiv Idea

The BioCentiv Idea

BioCentiv GmbH is a company of the Ernst Abbe Foundation, based in Jena - the definitive Centre of Competence for Bioinstruments.

The branch-specific Technology and Founder Centre was opened in September 2000 as an integrated part of the Beutenberg Campus.

We support you, the founder of a new business and young entrepreneur in the field of "BioInstruments", who, based on your knowledge about structures and principles of biology, develop instruments based on this scientific area.

It is our aim to implement your business idea from the research, through the product development right up to the product launch, and so to accompany you in all the phases of your company growth. We can provide, at a favourable price, the necessary premises as well as an infrastructure tailored to your needs.

After a maximum of 8 years in the BioInstrumentation Center, companies, which have thus been best-prepared for the challenges of the market, make space for newly-founded companies and continue their way on competitive terms.